What are SQL Server Developer Responsibilities?

Couple of weeks back I published What are SQL Server DBA Responsibilities? After that blog, while I was writing notes for the section Learn SQL Server, I thought, why not post a blog that lists out the responsibilities of a SQL Server Developer too.This would also complete the topic of what responsibilities of these 2 positions (DBA and Developer) under my new section Learn SQL Server.

  • Create Entity Relationship (ER) Diagrams to the proposed database
  • Create database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, Triggers etc.
  • Maintain referential integrity, domain integrity and column integrity by using the available options such as constraints etc.
  • Identify columns for Primary Keys in all the tables at the design time and create them.
  • Create functions to provide custom functionality as per the requirements.
  • Be aware of potential blocking, deadlocking and write code to avoid those situations.
  • Endure that the code is written keeping in mind any security issues such as SQL Injection.
  • Develop reports in SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Design, Develop and Deploy SSIS Packages.
  • Identify and write best possible code in case of new deployments or when rewriting code when migrating to newer version of SQL Server.
  • participate in discussions involving the application creation and understand the requirements and provide the back-end functionality for the applications.
  • Participate in development and creation of Data warehouses.
  • Create cubes in SQL Server Analysis Services.

Since I primarily work as a SQL Server Database Admin, I might not be able to give an exhaustive list covering all responsibilities of a SQL Server Developer. If you feel something is missing, please feel free to post a comment.

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— Bru Medishetty

15 thoughts on “What are SQL Server Developer Responsibilities?

  1. i have read mutliple blogs about getting started in this career path but they are a few years old. Do you have a recommendation on how to get started in this path as a developer. right now i have been doing support for about 5 yrs and there arent any oppurtunities within my company. i have been reading a few diff books on sql.

  2. Hi,

    Before I suggest, please let me know how much of programming do you know, what are the main obstacles that you are facing while preparing on developer areas. Based on that I shall surely guide you on what steps need to be taken to pursue a developer career. If you would like to send a lengthy description, then go ahead and me an email at learnsqlwithbru@gmail.com or bru@learnsqlwithbru.com.. I will be glad to help you…

  3. i really dont have any programming experience, i have been in a support role for about 5 yrs for a financial service company and looking into specializing.I get to use sql lightly at this point, Use it to check out information in table, delete some reocrds. Also same thing with access.So at this point this would be serious career transition for me.any advice would be appreciated

  4. Ok. Thanks for letting me know what’s your IT background is. In order to get yourself more closer to understanding to SQL Server and learn the subject from a SQL Server Developer career point of view, I would recommend you setup a SQL Server Instance on your pc or laptop as explained in Chapter 1 of the section Learn SQL Server for Beginners. If you have any questions, please post your question on that page so that I can respond to you..

    You mentioned that you have been reading some sql books, I am not sure what sql books you are reading. Let me know the names of them so that I can give you an suggest what topics / areas in that book will help you for being a developer.

    All the Best ….

  5. i have done step by step sql server 2008 by mike hotek exercises except for BI, programming sql 2008 bylobel,brust, forte reading currently and t sql fundamentals by ben-gan i have not started yet

  6. Hi, I have been working on MS SQL server from the past 2 years in production support role. My job responisbilities includes monitoring jobs and if any failures i have to find out the root cause and fix them later have to run the jobs manuallay from the failed step. I request you to please suggest me how can i expose my skills in SQL server side. Could u please briefly explain what is SSIS, SSRS and SSAS. If i learn these packages will it helpful in my further career ? I am not familiar with stored procedures and triggers. Please suggest me.

    Please mail to Chaitu.venny@gmail.com


  7. Hi, having working in a production support role, I would recommend you to learn more about the SQL Server from the point of a Database Administrator to further enhance you SQL DBA skills and your career as SQL DBA. As you requested, how to expose your skills on SQL Server side, make a list of the topics that you know/aware and look for SQL Server training kit for SQL DBA certification and try to lean through those topics

    SSIS, SSAS and SSRS are Microsoft’s BI suite based on SQL Server. It is completely your choice of whether or not to learn these technologies…

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