What are SQL Server DBA Responsibilities?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who are new to SQL Server. Since they are new to SQL Server, their concern is understandable. I was personally asked this question or this list multiple times and most recently, as comments to one of my blogs.

So I decided to list down a list of tasks and responsibilities carried out by a SQL Server DBA. Before further reading, let me tell you that roles and responsibilities of a SQL Server DBA varies from one organization to another as no two organizations IT setup are exactly similar.  For better understanding, the text in the parenthesis (Italicized blue font) is the subject area or chapter that has the topics to carryout the responsibilities…

  • Installation, Administration and Maintenance of SQL Server Instances. (Installing SQL Server)
  • Setup Test, Dev, Staging and Production Environments. (Installing SQL Server)
  • Create Users and assign permissions based on the level of database access the user would need. (Security)
  • Create Linked Servers to SQL Servers and other databases such as Oracle, Access, Informix etc. (Security and General Administration)
  • Design database Backup and Restoration Strategy. (Database Backups and SQL Server Agent)
  • Once created the database Backups, monitor those backups are being performed regularly. (SQL Server Agent)
  • From time to time recover the databases to a specific point of time, as per the requests. (Database Backups and Recovery)
  • Setup High-Availability as part Disaster Recovery Strategy for the Databases. (Failover Clustering, Database Mirroring, Log Shipping and Replication)
  • Troubleshoot various problems that arise in a day-to-day work and fix the issues. (Monitoring SQL Server Error Logs and checking your email alert (if there is one configured))
  • Monitoring and Performance Tuning; Physical Server Level, Database level (Database settings and options) and query tuning. (Creating and maintaining those Indexes, not performing database shrinking, memory settings, monitoring CPU usage and Disk I/O activity etc) 
  • Documenting major changes to the SQL Servers. (General)
  • Apply Service Packs. (General)

Note: These are only some of the roles carried out by a SQL Server DBA. If you have more questions, please let me know through comments.. 

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— Bru Medishetty

8 thoughts on “What are SQL Server DBA Responsibilities?

  1. Thanks a lot for your the blog which I wanted, but what I wanted to know is, if all DBA’s responsibilities could be don JUST within the SQL server’s environment? I mean so, SQL server is a huge “program” and if a some person wants to be DBA, then he or she has to master this “program” and then he could do those tasks! is that true?!

    Are there kinds of DBA? Does DBA has a lot to do with what is called “BI”?

    The last section in my comment is, I want to know how could I import a “ready” database into SQL Server 2008 R2? I mean, I want to excute SQL-Queries but I need a Database to do that practicaly! and where could I find suchlike database??

    PS: really I wanted to do this before, I mean write this comment here and there, so comments and blogs are related each to other 🙂
    Thanks for your response,
    Regards Rand..

  2. Most of the SQL Server DBA responsibilities lies within SQL Server with occasional (to some extent) need to work on Windows Server and any other related application.

    Yes SQL Server is a huge area, but not so huge that it is impossible to understand, it can definitely be mastered. The different kinds of DBA’s would be broadly an Application DBA and a Production Support DBA. I am not sure how much you are those job roles..

    Usually, DBAs do not do a lot of BI stuff. (but there might be job requirements that need a DBA to do BI, as I do at my current position)

    There are sample databases that you download and start working on your machine / laptop.. You can read some info in this blog (http://learnsqlwithbru.com/2010/01/24/download-sql-server-sample-databases/) which is related to Sample Databases in SQL Server……

    All the Best…
    Bru Medishetty

  3. Hi, thanks for the great informations! I have tried with your link above, but unfortunately it seems it doesn’t work, I got this message “Sorry the page that you are looking is unavailable!!!” so please could you solve this problem, I am so interested to learn SQL Server but I JUST need to get started “practically!” I have searched via google about sample databases, but I think your learning method is simple and easy to understand..

    Best Regards,

  4. Hi I am Rahul.First of all thank you for sharing some useful info. I want to be a SQL server DBA but i dont know anything about database. Please suggest me what i have to do further to learn and improve my DB skills. Please let me know if any docs or links available. Thanks in advance.

  5. dear sir,

    i’m a fresher and i’m hired as a SQL Server DBA (Juniour). which is totally new to me .
    To make my self good in work place how i should work and what type of commitments i have to give.

    And send me some best URL’s which helps on SQL Server DBA. And any Books which helps me to understand EASILY.

    Excepting your reply ASAP sir.

    satish Reddy.G,

  6. Hi Bru,

    I want join sql developer job. I have 4.5 years experience in accounting process. I have completed MY SQL course from Mahan Institute Of Technology. Please give me advise what i do that i will get good job in sql.please help me.9953876788

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