SQL Tidbits Feb 2012

February 17th 2012
  • It is not possible to create mount points on a Quorum disk.
February 16th 2012
  • If there is need to create more than 26 drives on a windows server, your only option is using mount points.
February 15th 2012
  • It is a best practice to run DBCC CHECKDB on all databases on a recurring schedule.
February 14th 2012
  • A SQL Agent job that is not enabled does not mean it is no longer used or will not be run, it may be programatically kicked off on demand.
February 13th 2012
  • Log Truncation and Log Shrinking are not same, they are 2 different operations which are related to each other.
February 12th 2012
  • LSN stands for Log Sequence Number.
February 11th 2012
  • When planning to migrate SQL Server to a newer version, if you are not sure which logins are being used by what applications, try polling the sysprocesses system table every minute or 2 and capture the active sessions, their login names, application names and host names and store in a database table.
February 10th 2012
  • Database backups taken on a 32-Bit SQL Server workS on a 64-Bit SQL Server and vice versa. 
February 9th 2012
  • When you have a column or table named with one of the key word in SQL Server, it would be better to have square braces [ and ] wrapped to that column, else sometimes, the query might throw errors. For example, if you have a table named User with a column called Group, it would be better to write a query something like.. 
February 8th 2012
  • When you pass the name of a database role as a parameter for the system stored procedure sp_helprolemember, it returns all the members of that particular database role.
February 7th 2012
  • System stored procedure sp_helprolemember returns the membership information of database roles in the current database.
February 6th 2012
  • The easiest way to migrate data (manually and ad-hoc basis) between Prod / Dev and QA databases is through Import / Export Wizard from SSMS.
February 5th 2012
  • Database Mirroring will not let you read data on the mirrored server, as a workaround a database snapshot of the mirrored database can enable you to read the data.
February 4th 2012
  • If a user owns a  database schema in a database, you cannot delete the user without dropping the schema first.
February 3rd 2012
  • A full backup will contain all transactions that have been completed as of the time full backup is finished.
February 2nd 2012
  • You can query the system table sysservers to find the list of Linked Servers on your SQL Server Instance.

February 1st 2012

  • SQL Server Database Engine internally maintains the information of how much free space is available using a special kind of pages called Page Free Space (PFS) Pages.

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