SQL Server Tidbits

This section contains short and mostly single-sentence points in SQL Server added every day to the existing list. The points would be something like a tip to perform a task or sometimes a different way of doing a regular task or it may be an Interview answer or a simple T-SQL command. Generally, these tidbits are general SQL Server facts or description about properties of SQL Server / features.

Unless mentioned, most of the points can be found from the SQL Server Books Online. If a point is taken from a website, the site name is referred. The point is that it would enable a SQL Server user to make a habit of learning a point or two every day on SQL Server, as I would usually do. The advantage I find in this is I can try to make this as a place where the points I learn as time goes on, giving me an opportunity to look back and see how many small, simple points I knew which I would have never remembered had I not written or noted. As always in this site, it is for learners be it a beginner or experienced, there is always something new to learn.

Good news !!!, this section is back from January 2012, this time hopefully it will continue as long as possible……

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