PASS Summit 2011, unfinished..

It’s been 2 weeks, PASS Summit 2011 came to an end and I have not yet posted my experience of the PASS Summit in my blog. I kind of kept it pending, (my bad) which I should not be doing. I got an email yesterday from PASS headquarters, asking to take part in a brief survey about my PASS experience. After completing that survey, I made my mind to write a blog about my visit to PASS Summit. I have made note of points that I would write in that blog and I am going to write that blog over this weekend.

So what am I doing in this blog? I am making myself a commitment, an open commitment so that I would not be able to give excuses for not writing. If I don’t write this blog, may be I would never write that actual blog..

–Bru Medishetty

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