List of SSIS Error Messages

Today, when I was working on SSIS packages, I got an error which as often in SSIS is not clear and descriptive. I searched online for the description and explanation and found this link in MSDN.

The page contions all messages in SSIS (be it Error or Warning or Informational etc). It contains the error cumber and what does it mean.. Hope it helps you too in finding the explanation/ description for your error/ warning code.

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– Bru Medishetty

2 thoughts on “List of SSIS Error Messages

  1. Hi my name is Mauro and i am new of SSIS,
    I created a SSIS package in SQL SERVER 2008 R2.
    In this package i encountered this error code
    I read about this error code , using your useful link..
    But the same i did not understand very well, what does this error mean.
    Description error is STATUS NOT AVAILABLE…

    Any suggests ???

    Many thanks in advance.
    Ciao Mauro
    In my package i read 300.000 records using LINKED SERVER connecting to an OPEND EDGE PROgress DB to a table of SQL SERVER.
    i INTRODUCED REDIRECT rows to see how may errors encontered.
    There were 8000 records on 300.000 wtih this error.

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