My weird year-end tradition; for a cause

Hey guys, I wanted to share with you, my weird year-end tradition that’s been going on for few years now. It happens to be blood donation during the week between Christmas and New Year. Tuesday evening (Dec 27th), I participated in a blood donation drive conducted by American Red Cross at Lancaster, PA.

During that time I caught hold someone who could click a few snaps in my mobile and couple of those pics are below..

That was me, had to go straight from work (in office attire with tie….)

That’s my donation set ready to be placed in frozen containers, to go to blood bank…

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to be part of such charity / social causes, since they are very helpful for those in need of blood. Every time after a blood donation, I receive and thanking letter from Red Cross letting me how my donation was helpful. This is my 12th time doing a blood donation and I feel I have to do it more often.. 

There are only few things that we cannot manufacture, and blood is one of those.. So try to be a donor, work for a cause, how often you can afford to…

— Bru Medishetty


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