My PASS Summit 2011 Recap – 1

As mentioned last week that I would love to write my experience from this years PASS Summit, which is also my first visit to PASS Summit and to Seattle. I flew to Seattle along with my wife, on Sunday Oct 9th. Earlier in the month, I planned few things to do during my trip to Seattle. We made reservations (yes you cannot just walk-in) for a table at the revolving Restaurant on top of Space Needle, our intention was 2 fold, to dine and watch sunset. The view was fantastic, and the food was good. On one side was Puget Sound and on other side it was Seattle downtown provided a fantastic view all over..

These are 2 of the pics we have taken from top of Space Needle…

Puget Sound

Seattle Downtown

Then starting from Monday Oct 10th, I had 2 pre-conferences (Monday and Tuesday) and both of them were great sessions. Mondays session was with Maciej Pilecki on the topic “The secrets of the SQL Server OS”.

The next days session was with Adam Machanic on the topic “No More Guessing! An
Enlightened Approach to Performance Troubleshooting”. That was also a fun filled session with lots of stuff to digest..

During the refreshment breaks, I had the pleasure to meet Steve Jones, from I had the pleasure of meeting many fellow DBAs all over globe during Breakfast/ Lunch and at the end of the day..

After the session when I went to buy my copy of SQL Server Deep Dives – 2 and met Pinal Dave, who is well known for his blog at

We spoke for 15-20 minutes and I really enjoyed talking to him. We also happened to meet couple of times later in that week at the convention center, but who would want to wait until the next time to grab a pic, so we found someone who could click a snap for us..

I did not stay for the First Timers Session that was scheduled later that evening, but I followed tweets from those who were attending..

That’s it in this blog. I will finish the rest in the next one..

–Bru Medishetty

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