Using the right terminology.

I am a regular visitor to SQL Server Forums at SQLServerCentral and see some users posting their question, issues and problems. Some of these questions tends to confuse even the seasoned campaigners and at the same time would not give the complete picture of what is being asked. I saw a user posting a question seeking internals of Transactional Replication and  in the next sentence asks about Transactional logs. I was not sure what was the area the user was looking for.

Similarly few days back a user was requesting the suggestion of other users in setting up Database Mirroring and was referring one servers as Publisher (A publisher is the source server / system in a Replication setup), where as when questioned by a fellow user, he was referring the Principal Server as publisher and cleared the doubtful minds.

There is nothing wrong in being a learning IT professional, it  is OK to make mistakes but it should not be done repeatedly and due consideration needs to be taken with the technical terminology.

— Bru Medishetty

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