Simple DBA Tasks – 1

Task 1

You are a SQL DBA. In this task, you are going to be creating a new SQL Server database for a new application. List out all of the requirements that you want from your the application owner / vendor and create the database.

At the end of the task…

  • You should be listing the requirements provided by the application owner.
  • List the steps that you performed to create this database.
  • List the steps that you performed to make this application work with this database.

Task 2

You are a SQL DBA. On a weekend, there is a maintenance required by the systems engineers on your production SQL Servers and you are asked to make sure, once you receive the email from the systems engineer, that the maintenance is completed, you have to make sure that those SQL Server(s) are back, good and running as intended. What are the steps that you would follow in such a task and how to troubleshoot if there are issues with that SQL Server(s), try spending as much time as you want to list out all the checklist items and potential issues that might occur.

Task 3

You are a SQL DBA. During usual business hours, you receive a call from an application owner and are asked to see how many users / sessions are connected to his database. How will you find it..?

Task 4

As part of a database migration (upgrading to a newer SQL Server version), you are asked to make a copy of the current production database to this new server and there was testing done for a few weeks or so. Meanwhile, there was some other priorities that came up, so the application team has requested you to ensure that no one can access the new db, for a week or so. What are the different ideas that you have to implement this request, list out as many as possible with pros and cons of doing that way…

Task 5

Application developer team has emailed you a list of migration tasks (related to database objects) which include creating new tables, SPs, views in the Prod db. In addition to these, there are some modifications that are required to be done to few tables, and stored procedures.. They have the application code migration the next day evening. What tasks can you migrate ahead of time, and what cannot be migrated until the specified window and why..?


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