Square – Mathematical function in SQL Server

In this blog post we shall learn a mathematical function in SQL Server called Square. This function expects 1 value to be passed and returns the multiplied value itself nothing but the square of the passed value. 

The function expects a value of float data type to be passed. Any other data types, such as an integer will be implicitly converted into a float value. See that the function treats 10 (integer) and 120.59 (float) as float and returns the expected square values..

If the passed value is a integer or a float value with quotes, then that is also converted into a float. See that the function converts ‘120.5’ to float 120.5 without issues.

When the value passed is a datetime or string characters (a – z) or special characters, the could not be converted to float, the function returns an error. See the error below, where ‘abcd’ is passed to the function.

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— Bru Medishetty

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